Great articles. They really give me things to ponder! Interviews lately have been timely as well. TY Chip Bailey for this as it gives us good reason to pause and read something worthwhile. Lord bless! ~Richard Kaufman

I love this page! Excellent motivation that leaves me with something to think about. ~Teri Craig Freeman.

Excellent positive motivation in a depressed world!! This page gives hope and peace that is defiantly needed today!! ~Eric Meyers.

Food for thought each day! Motivational, inspirational, informative, & interesting…and aligned with what THE WORD OF GOD communicates! If John Tesh, Paul Harvey, & Larry Stockstill collaborated, this might be the result! ~Rick Smith.

Don’t you hate it when you go to a page for a recipe and get a ton of nonsense before the actual stuff you need?
This gets right to the point.
The words are well chosen.
The insight and encouragement is compelling.
~Jim Marable.