Isolate and Destroy: The tool of your enemy.

We are not designed to live life alone. For the past year and a half, we have been the target of an ugly enemy designed to separate, isolate and destroy.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the result that has wreaked havoc on our country, neighborhoods, churches and families. Think about the things

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Last in a series: Our Journey Friends, I write to you as an encouragement that God has not forgotten you and is interested in every facet of your life. We can see the landing strip! After several months as nomads featuring obstacles, pit stops and potholes, the layover and circling appear to have a finish

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Which 3 words do you start your sentence with?

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone. We are smack dab in the midst of a season, though, when opinion reigns supreme. Today more than ever, we are encouraged to speak our minds. But, realize this: Belief not tethered to fact, truth or principle can be dangerous. News organizations have become advocacy-based, celebrities have turned into outspoken

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Managing Your Money: 5 MORE myths about your money

We all know that people will say the darndest things. But did you know that people will also believe the darndest things? It’s true, and we’re here to help blow up some of those myths about your money. Retailers and others will indeed say almost anything — true, half-true or a smidgen of true —

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