5 essential quotes to help you set sail in 2021

Throughout history, men and women have left bread crumb trails to success and helped keep us on course with their momentary snapshots in time. These quotes, often during tough or challenging times, are the mile markers and road signs that remind us to carry on in adversity and to not give up. Here are a

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Precarious Times: You don’t have to participate

As we settle into 2021, there is a myriad of thoughts on most Americans’ minds. New Year’s resolutions, goals for the year and plans may not necessarily be at the forefront of those thoughts, but this is a time to move forward with hope and confidence. The good news is that you can live above

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Your destiny is greater than your disaster

Several years ago, I heard a Florida pastor tell a congregation this message: Your destiny is greater than your disaster. That statement has never been more true than today, but you can reference plenty of biblical examples to remind you that God uses ordinary men and women for extraordinary times. Whether you look at characters

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