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Welcome to New Beginnings CS. You’re home now. This is the place to begin your journey to a hope and a future!

Chip Bailey is a Ramsey Preferred Coach, a Master Financial Coach and a life coach. Chip lives in The Woodlands, Texas, and has worked in Christian media for over 30 years. Along the way, he has written hundreds of articles, blog entries and even a couple of books.

Chip is a proven trainer and seasoned mentor with more than 40+ years of team building. Whether serving as a pastor, worship pastor or, more recently, chaplain at a large resort of 2,500 employees, he has been an encourager, mentor, trainer, teacher and coach.

Today, as a Ramsey Preferred Coach, Chip serves clients across America to set them up for success in life and with their finances. He works with individuals and couples one-on-one and also produces monthly webinars, articles and instructional materials for training.

As the Coach’s Coach, he leads groups of other financial coaches and also trains new Ramsey Preferred Coaches on best practices and strategies with a goal for them to become the coach they are called to be.

Chip is a creative writer, experienced blogger, eager encourager, spirited coach and equipping mentor who enjoys helping people come alive and become the “original” they were born to be.  From sales and marketing and training to writing, coaching and speaking, it’s all about setting up people for success and helping them become a champion!

He is married to Elizabeth and they live in the picturesque area north of Houston called The Woodlands, rated the #1 place to live in America. Chip and Elizabeth were both born in Natchitoches and still call Louisiana home. He has three wonderful boys Josh, Jason and Destin, whom you are likely to read about here from time to time.

“Chip Bailey is on fire!  His eagerness and passion to serve his clients well is contagious!  Successfully guiding others to overcome life’s challenges for 40+ years, I am confident he will equip you to win with your finances!” – Justin Bennett, Chip Bailey’s Personal Coach.

Jason Bailey lives in Houston, Texas, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor and serves an increasing number of clients there. He is also a musician, singer, songwriter and gifted writer. His first music project called Jason Bailey was released in the summer of 2017. His studies include classical, jazz and contemporary piano at LSU’s School of Music; music media and jazz piano at the University of Louisiana; and classical piano and voice with Julliard alumni, Skip Harris. He has played professionally for church organizations throughout Louisiana and has served as the Music Director of Our Savior’s Church, overseeing music production, teaching piano, and holding music workshops.

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I love this page! Excellent motivation that leaves me with something to think about. ~Teri Craig Freeman.

Excellent positive motivation in a depressed world!! This page gives hope and peace that is defiantly needed today!! ~Eric Meyers.





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