We’re home: We found our church!

We have found our church.

As many of you know we left Colorado earlier this summer and landed in The Woodlands, Texas, just north of Houston. One of our priorities — other than digging through boxes, buying furniture and learning to get around without a GPS — was to find a church where we could worship and connect with people. It was at the top of our list.

Since we moved into our new home in mid-August we have generally been attending two services — at two different churches each Sunday. After the early service, we’d jump in the truck and head to the late service at another. There were some good ones and there were others that we didn’t connect with at all.

Two Sundays ago, we had plans to do the same. We were going to the early service at Celebration Church in The Woodlands and another church for the late service. Instead, God showed up and changed our plans. We stayed for the second service at Celebration.

When you know, you just know. Elizabeth and I were on the same page, had the same sentiment and feel like it’s where we are supposed to be.

What stood out?

  • Celebration is mission-minded. This year, the church will give over $300,000 to missions projects around the world.
  • They worship God. The worship leaders are great musicians, singers and leaders — talented, blessed and anointed — but it’s clearly not about them. The focus is on God and they urge you to follow them into worship.
  • The pastor preaches the Word. Whoa! He takes God at His Word and does not apologize for stepping on toes. He believes the Bible is true and it’s the final word.
  • It’s definitely multi-cultural. It’s a melting pot. The congregation crosses several lines. Clearly, everyone is not only welcome but encouraged to participate.
  • But most importantly…God is there and this is home and we felt it instantly. Before the first downbeat or sermon.

Your faith is one of life’s four walls and that’s why it was high on our priority list when we moved. We actually began our church search before closing on the house.

Church should not be an event that draws you to men, it must be an experience that connects you with God. Without the God-connection, you’ll continue to dry up and thirst.

If you’re ever in The Woodlands on a Sunday, we’d love to introduce you to Celebration Church. Here’s a link to the first service we attended there (twice) a few weeks ago

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