Settling in: Enjoy the Ride

We are finally in our new home in The Woodlands, Texas. Settled? No, not yet, but settling and excited to turn the page in the next chapter.

Life’s journey isn’t always a straight line. As many of you know, we have been living on side jaunts, pauses, and pit stops for the past few months.  From various states and long stays in 10-12 different hotels, life has been full of — shall we say — opportunities since we left Colorado in June.

God speaks when we take those seemingly side jaunts or when we pause along the journey.

We’ve been on a couple of planes, seen a few doctors, saved some money, spent some money, gained new friends and seen things we’ve not seen before. And, oh yes, there was that round of COVID pneumonia and the quarantine time in the Hilton Garden Inn. That was memorable.

Yet God went before us and walked alongside us every step of the way, helping create the snapshots that turn into God moments.

We took a new turn on our journey two weekends ago, moving into our new home in The Woodlands, Texas. Most of our belongings have arrived, so boxes, bins, missing things, broken things and new adventures are part of our days now while we still try to learn where all the light switches are!

Things have changed. We will have to learn (or have already learned):

  • How to clean a swimming pool instead of shovelling snow.
  • To watch for hurricanes and afternoon thunderstorms instead of watching snowstorms come over the mountains.
  • That grass, flowers and even tomatoes grow year-round rather than the 3-5 months in Colorado.
  • 80 degrees in our former home ain’t even close to the 80 degrees (and 80% humidity) in south Texas.
  • That sitting on our back deck in south Texas watching an afternoon thunderstorm can be as peaceful and fulfilling as watching the sun set behind the Colorado mountains.
  • Squirrels, hummingbirds and spiders — and dogs, lots of dogs — love Texas too.

Because of the detours, speed bumps and rest stops, we may have cancelled, postponed or rescheduled meetings. I apologize for the inconvenience but thank you for your patience, understanding and prayers. I’m excited to see you again soon. If you have not rescheduled your session, please use the calendar link below.


Over the past few months, we have learned what is important, what is necessary, and some of the fundamental foundations of life. Many of the things that seemed critical or meaningful aren’t part of our lives right now. It’s called pruning, and some of it has happened because of our experience. We’ll share some of our stories in upcoming blog entries, so register HERE for those notifications if you want to be up to speed.

Enjoy the ride. The journey is the destination.

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