Take a fresh look at life: It’s all about perspective

Excuse me, we’d like to get off the merry-go-round now.

Life can be dizzying at times, and sometimes you just have to put your foot down. Or just enjoy the ride. Since 2019, the merry-go-round has been going in circles so fast that we haven’t been able to keep up. But the wild ride has taught us a lot about perspective and how to keep a positive attitude, be grateful and, umm, stay sane.

As I write this, we are currently holed up in a hotel in Colorado. Both of us have tested positive for COVID, and mine is actually a case of COVID pneumonia. We’re isolating here. Since we sold our beautiful Colorado home in April and won’t close on our new Texas home until mid-August, we have become nomads or pilgrims. Perhaps, we have a little insight into the journey of the Israelites.

Overall, we have been on a two-year journey and, while not seeking sympathy, I’ll share a bit for perspective.

  • July 2019. We learned Elizabeth had a cancerous kidney, and it was removed.
  • July 2019. Our house was hit by lightning.
  • August 2019. My mom died suddenly and unexpectedly.
  • Fall 2019. Chip encountered some minor health issues.
  • January 2020. Chip began blood pressure medicine.
  • February 2020. The doctor instructs Elizabeth to go vegan, so we changed our lifestyle on the spot.
  • March 2020. Chip left his job as chaplain when the Broadmoor closed for COVID.
  • July 2020. Chip began a new job as a Ramsey Preferred Coach.
  • Summer of 2020. Changes abound, COVID rocks everyone’s world.
  • November 2020. The doctor takes Chip off blood pressure medicine. Is this the result of going vegan?
  • April 2021. We sell our house in one day.
  • Early May 2021. Son-in-law has a horrific motorcycle accident, and his wife delivers our first grandchild one week later.
  • Mid-May 2021. After looking all across Colorado for a new home, we travel to Tennessee to look in Franklin.
  • Three of our kids moved, we help as much as we can. (All six kids moved in 2020.)
  • June/July 2021. Next up is the Spring/Tomball/Magnolia/The Woodlands, Texas. After an exhaustive search, we finally found our new home but can’t move in until mid-August.
  • June/July 2021. We’re on a journey from hotel to hotel with a stop here and there to see some of our kids.
  • July 27: Both of us test positive for COVID.

Of course, everyone has their own story, their own journey, and I’m often reminded that there are people around us in much worse shape than we are.

I complained that I had no shoes and then I looked at the man next to me who had no feet.

Here are a few things I can tell you. It’s all about perspective. It’s never as bad as it seems at first.

  • Sometimes things can appear confusing but look for God in your circumstance. You may have to adjust your focus or attitude and look beyond the chaos or storm.
  • Don’t be pressured to make rash decisions. I’ve said it a few times: I’d rather live in a hotel for a couple of months than live in regret for the next 10 years. (No one said anything about COVID, though).
  • God will take care of you if you let Him. Sometimes we get in our own way and, more importantly, we get in God’s way.
  • Remember that God’s plan for your life has not changed. No matter how many wrong turns, how many delays, how many detours.

It’s not all bad stuff: We have lots of great things that help balance our journey. Along the way, God has bailed us out, hidden things for us, revealed things to us, opened doors for us, protected us, encouraged us, amazed us and provided peace, joy, abundance and blessing.

So the next time you want to give up or proclaim “woe is me”, take a fresh look at life because, as you know, it’s all about perspective. And, you may find that person with no feet close by if you take notice.

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