ONE MORE THING: What do you need to celebrate?

It’s time to celebrate. In a time when Debbie Downers abound, and we’re taught to sulk and brood, turn the tides today. Make today awesome, and let yesterday be jealous.

Celebrate something in your life. Elizabeth and I do that every month.

Two years ago — on July 11 — surgeons removed Elizabeth’s left kidney, along with four lymph nodes. Indeed, the 8 cm mass was cancerous and consumed virtually all of that kidney — and the cancer was not the good kind.

But on July 25, 2019, the word came: No cancer. It had not spread. There was no trace anywhere. No chemo, no radiation. Of course, there are now the standard six-month checkups (CAT scan, bloodwork etc.), but each month on the 25th, there is also a celebration. We haven’t missed one yet.

Sometimes, it’s just us. Other times, friends or family. But wherever we are, we celebrate. Last night was our two-year celebration and the 24th since 2019. And, if we see you on the 25th of the month, be prepared for ice cream and a celebration.

What do you need to celebrate? What has God done for you? What have you overcome? What are those little things in your life that you are thankful for?

Frankly, friends, it doesn’t have to be a cancer-free diagnosis. It doesn’t have to be an earth-shattering experience. More often than not, it’s the little things that are the most rewarding.

It’s easy to become blind to the wonderful things we have because we so easily see the things we don’t have. But we’ve got the negative celebrations down, so what would happen if we simply changed perspectives and celebrated the good stuff?

Today more than ever, though, our lives are dominated and influenced by negative celebrations. While you’re creating your masterpiece, celebrate with a bowl of ice cream, a bouquet of flowers, movie night or dinner with a friend. Flip the script and make your day awesome.

Last night, we celebrated the good news we received two years ago. On August 25, we’ll do it again because we have something to celebrate. The good news is that you do too!

We’re enjoying the ride.

What do you need to celebrate?

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