What is the advice you are ignoring?

The world is changing around us. New products are coming online, systems are changing, new inventions are changing the way we do business.

But the one constant is people. People simply do not change. Circumstances, yes. Environment, modes of transportation, processes, of course. Times, seasons, generations, absolutely.

People are people are people.

That’s why so many stories in the Bible are relevant today. The challenges we encounter and the roads we travel essentially are the same.

The question is this: If we have such good examples around us and throughout history, why do we not heed those examples, learn from the lessons and get out of our rut?

Evangelist James Robison made a statement a few decades ago that has stuck with me. He simply said this.

“We can learn one of two ways. We can heed the advice of our parents or others when they say ‘don’t touch the stove, it will burn you‘. Or, we can touch the stove and find out for ourselves.”

James Robison

Such good advice, so often ignored. While you can argue that your mistakes — or touching the stove — have become great mentors, you can’t avoid the fact that learning from others’ mistakes will save time and heartache.

So, as you go about this weekend, I have two questions for you:

  1. What is the advice you give everyone else but have not implemented in your own life or situation?
  2. What is the advice of someone you trust who is successful that you have not implemented?

Seriously, we all have advice for everyone else, right? Often, though, we fail to take our own advice! Gulp! Let that incubate a minute, then look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why.

Here’s the follow-up to question #1: If you don’t take your own advice, why would anyone else?

The key to #2 is “someone your trust”. What advice have you received from a coach, boss, spouse, friend, co-worker or even other family members that you just refuse to put into action?

Ruminate on those things this weekend and start next week on a new path.

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