Seeking Paul: The Game-Changer in your Life

I can be a Paul, I need a Barnabas, and I must always remain a Timothy.

You already know you need the right people in your life. You’ve read in these pages that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

But the question remains: What are you doing about it? Frankly, many people are in a rut and don’t even know it. Others are in the rut and know it but don’t want to climb out. Is that you?

You are a Paul, a Barnabas and a Timothy. And you need a Paul, Barnabas and Timothy.

  • Paul is a sage mentor. Generally, these are older men and women who have overcome failure, adversity, hard knocks and difficulties.
  • Barnabas is someone you spend time with who is a peer. You may spend moments with your mentor, but you walk daily with your peers.
  • Timothy is a student, one who is learning. You are a Timothy, but you are also a Paul to another Timothy.

Are you actively pursuing those people who can help you get out of the rut? Or have you continued to float along with the same influences and become content with life in the rut?

I have learned — and continue to learn — that this one decision can bring about the biggest change in my life. It can get you off the schneid or put you on the brink of a breakthrough.

What’s holding you back from making that change? What’s keeping you from finding a mentor? Or being a Paul to your Timothy?

Yes, we grow cozy — even complacent — with the Barnabases in our lives. In most cases, it’s a comfort zone thing. Friends, co-workers, even family members who are on our level or live in the same comfort zone sandbox. They are familiar, don’t challenge us generally, and are okay with staying where we are because they, too, are comfortable.

Having a Barnabas in your life is necessary, but finding a Paul is less comfortable because your Paul will tell you things you may not want to hear. They will be honest, probably direct and will challenge you to leave your comfort zone. Fear generally keeps you from searching for a Paul. But it’s quite possibly the biggest decision to help you move forward.

You probably already know Timothy. They have likely come to you for advice, help or encouragement. You may not have engaged them, but you know they are there.

Your assignment:

  • Write down the five most influential people in your life.
  • Identify which role each plays (Paul, Barnabas, Timothy).
    • You should have at least one but no more than two in each category.
  • Which ones need to be removed from the list?
  • Do you have a Paul? If not, make another list with 5 potential people who can fill that role.
    • Start to contact them this week and identify which one can speak into your life.

Pull the trigger. It’s time to step up your game.

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One comment

  1. The only thing I could add to this is a short explanation of who Paul, Barnabas and Timothy are.  Not everyone that reads this will know, I don’t think.


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