Stuck at the crossroad again? Let’s go through this time

Are you stuck? Are you at a crossroad? Again?

Lately, I’ve worked with clients and coaches to help them get unstuck and, particularly, to help them start moving again beyond a point that has baffled them again and again. No matter where we are in life, everyone comes to a crossroad, and it’s not uncommon to reach the same crossroad a second or third time. The crossroad is where we need to make an important decision to propel us to the next level or to the next season in our lives.

All too often, though, we either become content at the crossroad, turn around and go back or just meander down the path of least resistance.

What kind of crossroad do you find yourself at today? Is it spiritual? Physical? Work-related? Finances, marriage or something personal?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Have you been here before? Most people have been around the same mountain 2-3 times. Some even more. Things start to look familiar, and you realize you’ve been here before. What’s holding you back? It’s most likely the same thing that held you back the last time you were here. Fear of the unknown, comfort zone or some other lie you have believed.

What’s different now than before? You’ve likely learned something since you were here last time. What’s different? What’s in your arsenal now that makes you smarter and more confident than last time? What circumstances have changed? But most importantly, what has changed in you that can change the scenario this time?

What would happen if you jumped over the hurdle this time? More than likely, it’s all in your head. If you’re telling yourself you can’t, you shouldn’t, that others will laugh, you’ll fall flat on your face or that this is just not your time, just stop. In reality, no one else is looking, and they probably don’t care nearly as much as you give them credit for, so jump the hurdle. Take the plunge. Rip off the bandaid. Everything you want is on the other side.

Who can help me? What skill do I need to add? Sometimes, it’s as simple as getting some help. When fear or “woe-is-me syndrome” aren’t the culprits, ask someone to help you get to the next level. Or learn a new skill or get better at the one you already have.

What will you do? Turn around and go back or press on? It’s decision time. Are you going to turn around and go back again? Are you going to set up shop on the corner of Complacency Court and Satisfaction Street? And, remember, no decision is a decision, so whether you jump the hurdle, turn back again or just stay put in the land of comfort, it’s your decision.

Set a goal and take the first step. Remember, if there is no deadline, it’s not real. Set the date and the time. Write down the steps you need to get there. If you have things to get out of the way first, get ’em done so you can see clearly and make the deadline, but don’t delay.

This is the moment. If you don’t settle the dilemma of the crossroads, you’ll likely be back here again. Today is the day, now is the time for a breakthrough. 

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