15 insights from first-quarter reads

The first quarter of 2021 is coming to a close, and I’ll finish my fifth book of the year today. Here’s the list, and you’ll notice there isn’t one John Eldredge, John Maxwell or John Mason in the bunch. What’s happening to me? Maybe second quarter guys!

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear (second time).
  • The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.
  • The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason.
  • Out of the Maze by Dr. Spencer Johnson.
  • Win the Day by Mark Batterson.

Each of these classics is an easy read and chock full of wisdom, inspiration and life-changing experience. Pick up any of these, and you’ll be better for the read. They’re easy to read and clearly understood with amazing insight.

Here are some nuggets from these books in my first-quarter collection. They include spiritual and practical wisdom you can apply personally and professionally. Start today.

  1. Winners and losers have the same goals.
  2. Old beliefs do not lead you to new cheese. (Sorta like new wine doesn’t do well in old wineskins).
  3. When you change what you believe, you change what you do.
  4. Focus more on what can go right than what can go wrong.
  5. Identity comes before goals. In fact, your identity should beget your goals.
  6. Forget about win-win; forget about 50-50. Focus on the other person’s win. Fifty-fifty is a losing proposition.
  7. You can’t go in two directions at once. If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither one.
  8. Tell me the last time you were uncomfortable, and I’ll tell you the last time you grew. ~Mark Batterson.
  9. Most of us don’t get what we want because we don’t really know what we want.
  10. You don’t find time, you make time.
  11. Focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have.
  12. Control what you can control. Don’t fret over what you can’t control.
  13. Religion is spelled do. Christianity is spelled done.
  14. A good player works hard to win the game everyone else is playing. A great player creates a new game that favors their strengths and avoids their weaknesses.
  15. Being broke and being rich are both decisions. What you focus on is what you get. This with money, friends, relationships, time and dreams. #thinkaboutit

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