30 Things I’ve learned — or re-learned — in 2021

“I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday. “
~Abraham Lincoln.

Most of us have learned a great deal over the past year. It’s been a hard season, a challenging time and a great opportunity for growth — spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Here are a few things I’ve learned — and some I’ve relearned — since 2021 began a few short weeks ago.

  1. A square peg does not fit into a round hole. No, really, it doesn’t, so stop trying.
  2. Make it your own. Following another person’s steps doesn’t always get you where you need to be.
  3. Pruning is often the best way to grow. You have to let go of the past to reach the future.
  4. Old beliefs do not lead you to new cheese. (From Out of the Maze).
  5. Things won’t go back to how they were. But they can turn out better.
  6. Change your mind; change your world.
  7. Forget win-win. It’s not about you. Focus on the other person completely.
  8. You can’t go in two directions at once. If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.
  9. If you want to see what can be, you have to get out of what is.
  10. Being broke and being rich are both decisions. (From the Go-Giver.).
  11. Don’t look for the status quo. Look for the status go.
  12. Who you are determines what you do. Believe it.
  13. You can work all day climbing up the wrong ladder.
  14. I’m 61 going on 35, and still wake up some mornings wondering what I want to be when I grow up.
  15. You can come alive, but it’s all meaningless if you don’t go do it!
  16. Your attitude will change your life — for good or bad.
  17. Asking questions is good. Asking the right question is better.
  18. We don’t get to choose what happens in our life sometimes. We do, however, get to choose our reactions.
  19. Haircuts are overrated.
  20. Morning quiet times are not overrated.
  21. No matter what comes your way, the solution is 20% head knowledge. The other 80% is behavior…or just getting up off your butt and doing it.
  22. You know some things you didn’t know 4-5 months ago. What will you do with it, so you aren’t in the same place (i.e. predicament, situation, circumstances) 4-5 months from now?
  23. Reminder: A rut is a grave with both ends kicked out. Don’t stay there: Climb out and come alive!
  24. Do one thing today that will make you better tomorrow.
  25. It all starts with your identity. Who you are matters more than what you do.
  26. You’ve got to have the want-to. Otherwise, you’re just stuck and don’t need to.
  27. Blowing it all up can sometimes help you see a better picture.
  28. Winners and losers have the same goals (from Atomic Habits). That’s profound if you think about it.
  29. You have the power — and the freedom — to change yourself.
  30. Closing question: Are you becoming the type of person you were called to be?

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