Monday Kickstarter: Tired of the fire Hoses?

It’s Monday. Think about your day — and thus your week — so far. Are you already frustrated, overwhelmed or dazed?

Emails, TV, app notifications, Facebook, phone calls, texts — and then our response to all of those — have overtaken our world. The noise, the clutter and the cacophony of commotion come at us endlessly and with reckless abandon.

Is it any wonder we don’t hear that still, small voice, but get sucked into the confusion? Yes, indeed, Jesus said he would leave us His peace (John 14:27), but too often I fear we let our hearts become troubled and fearful.

Here’s a challenge to you. Turn it all off, all of the incoming messages and barrage of information. (Note: It will still be there when you get back.) Just for a moment, for a few minutes. Even an hour. What would your day look like without Facebook, without the TV morning shows and the constant barrage of notifications that come at you like twin fire hoses driving you into a dead-end brick wall?

When I write or read, I’ve started shutting it all down. This morning, I even took off my so-called smartwatch because it kept buzzing. Otherwise, the distractions are overwhelming, and we’re inundated with repetitive nothingness. Most importantly, your heart can’t find the peace and calm it needs to refresh, replenish and refill.

We live in a day when it’s impossible to run successfully on fumes. Sure, it works from time to time, but our bodies, minds and hearts are not made to fly at 30,000 feet all the time. Even the best of our modern jets come down to refuel and take a break. And believe it or not, you were made more fearfully and wonderfully than any of those 757s.

Take a break and catch your breath. Step aside from the craziness and gain new perspective and insight about what you should do. As my pastor said recently: “We’re often more worried about what’s going on in the White House than what’s happening in our house.”

  • Can you cut out all — ALL — the noise for 5 minutes? 30 minutes? Even an hour?
  • Where will you be next month or next year if you don’t refresh, replenish and refill?
  • Have you heard that still, small voice recently?
  • Have you found that peace that passes all understanding?
  • What important things are so important you can’t put them aside for a few minutes?

Think about it. It’s your choice, but you can turn off the highway of craziness and find that peace your heart needs.

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