Christians Unite: Let the Healing Begin

While the world reels from COVID-19 and the U.S. stumbles through an election morass that has yielded division and discord, there is a beacon on the hill. The question is: Who will pick up that beacon and lead the march to daylight?

No matter what happens in the election, someone has to pick up the pieces. The season of ugly, evil and hostility must end, and the season of healing, restoration and repair must begin. No one will wave a magic wand, and no one is going to fix it easily, but there is a void of leadership and organizations to lead the charge.

Today more than ever, it’s a time for true Christians to unite. It’s a time to put aside partisan arguments and recognize that there are a greater commonality, a higher calling and a more excellent mandate. Make no mistake: The church must stand up and be the church.

In reality, the church should be an example for the world. Christians should lead the healing and mending. And the church should pick up the baton, take up the mantle and light the torch again. It may be the only escape for a society that has become engrossed in demeaning and contentious bickering.

Indeed, many churches have stepped up, especially in recent months under COVID-19. But the church has increasingly left the heavy lifting to government, politicians and secular organizations. The church has lost its place and its stature in our communities — and as a result — has given up its seat at the table.

Now, as this election has pitted co-worker against co-worker, friend against friend, family member against a family member and, yes, Christian against Christian, it’s time for the spiritual leaders to take a stand, build the bridge and restore the civility, respect and even the decorum in America’s conversation.

Take the first step.

  • Repent and recognize that the election and politics is not the end-all answer.
  • Lower your walls and defenses.
  • Pray for those who have been elected. Yes, even those you didn’t vote for.
  • Realize that what happens in your house is more important than what happens in the White House.

And, here’s your assignment.

  • Refocus and get grounded. Get your latest “news” from the Bible or encouraging and uplifting messages. Forget cable news, it’s one of the primary reasons we’re in this mess.
  • Reach out to another Christian, perhaps someone in your church or small group, to start the conversation.
  • Stop the crazy rhetoric on social media. Refrain from being dragged into the mud, refuse the temptation to match insult-for-insult.
  • Inject hope and peace to the conversation.
  • Rather than talk about your differences, focus on the things that you bind you together. You’ll find there is much more you agree on than separates you.

Again, no one is waving a magic wand, it’s time for the church to step forward and make the difference for which she was created.

Will you take the first step?

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