Have you thought about praying for a change?

It’s amazing how often we try everything in our toolbox. And, then, when we can’t fix it or control it or overcome it…we turn to prayer. Is it a matter of forgetfulness, pride that we can handle it without God or just our fast-paced lives that want the instant gratification we believe we won’t get from praying?

Or a combination of all of those?

Church attendance was in decline before the coronavirus broke out, and a study also indicates that only 55% of Americans pray daily. In a country with as many problems as America has, wouldn’t you think it would be more prevalent?

The chart shows the percentages in other countries, and you can argue that these percentages indicate that America is still a country built on godly principles. Another interesting finding: Some of the countries with whom the U.S. has frequent problems — especially those in the Mid-East — actually pray more. Now, you can debate which God they may be praying too, but they are spending time praying to a higher power.

I was raised in the church, I’ve been around prayer for all my life. My mom and dad prayed and believed God in tough times. I have too. Likely, you have prayed through many situations and dire circumstances. And, if you’re like me, you may have prayed more in these challenging times than ever before.

Still, we either forget or often feel we can handle it ourselves. Just as I did recently.

We have personally been going through a particular challenge over the past year, and the one thing I haven’t done nearly enough is pray. Yes, I’d thrown up a few prayers here and there, but overall, frustration, anger, disappointment and irritation with the process has dominated that particular journey. So God kept me up late one night recently, and I prayed. It wasn’t a long prayer meeting, but I acknowledged to God that I’d largely left him out of the process, and I pleaded for his intervention. I went to bed a little after 2 a.m. 

The next morning — literally a few hours later — the dominoes started to fall one by one, and the big juggernaut of a conundrum and mountain began to come down. Ever so suddenly, the year of roadblocks and detours had been resolved and was headed for a conclusion.

Praying before breakfast or dinner is excellent. An invocation at a sporting event is terrific. Praying before taking an offering at church is good. But spending time one-on-one with your Creator is, well, priceless.

What is your biggest challenge right now, today? Relationships? Finances? Marriage? Health? Future? What could change if you took the next five minutes to ask God about it?

Have questions about your finances? Chip Bailey is a Master Financial Coach and a Dave Ramsey Preferred Coach who helps people live stress-free and debt-free. Email us with your question, or schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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