The Tale of Two Roads: Choose Wisely

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” ~Robert Frost.

Which road are you taking? Is it the crowded one that’s familiar with the least resistance? Or is it the uncommon one with fewer travelers and real-life adventures?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer necessarily, but depending on where you’re headed and your plan for life, money, health, friends and family, it can make a huge difference. To be sure, you’ll likely find God on both roads, there are victories and defeats on both roads, and either choice comes with challenges, potholes, detours and distractions.

Sometimes you take the road less traveled. That road is often lonely, rarely popular, occasionally treacherous, usually bumpy, and the days are weary and wrought with discouragement. But the victories are often sweeter, richer and more rewarding. Even the defeats and failures can be delightful as you walk through experiences, rather than run from them.

Sometimes, God rewards with things you’ve never experienced: Firsts in your life, a fresh start and…you become more YOU than you’ve ever been before. The road less traveled…you may never go this way again, but fasten the seat belt and enjoy the ride!

You can spend time on the road less-traveled by simply:

  • Taking a different way to work every day.
  • Trying a different food at a new restaurant.
  • Looking into a different job or hobby.
  • Go to church.
  • Get in shape or get out of debt (Believe me, you’ll find both on the road less-traveled).
  • Watch a movie that’s “just not me”.
  • Do something today for someone else.
  • Travel, go back to school, finish your bucket list, become a writer or an artist.

On the road less traveled, you will…

  • Meet people you wouldn’t meet otherwise.
  • Experience life in a way you can’t possibly experience on the busy road.
  • Learn more about yourself, build character and increase confidence.
  • Discover that fear and despair becomes hope and promise.
  • Gain faith and find fewer detours as you travel.
  • Tear up the road map and start fresh.

Meanwhile, on the more traveled road, you will be…

  • Comfortable, walking in familiar territory.
  • Safe, meaning fewer risks and adventures.
  • In the same ol’, same ol’.
  • Less likely to encounter as many growth opportunities.
  • Experiencing life in an everyday routine that is complacent.
  • Understand challenges because they are those you regularly encounter.

You do have a choice. Some roads are easier than others, so count the cost before you start your journey. Chances are that you’ll get lost on either road. Chances are you’ll have to take an occasional detour. The difference? You’ll know the back roads on the well-traveled road and on the less traveled road, you’ll get to find new avenues.

On the jam-packed road, you’ll likely get lost in the crowd. On the less-traveled road, you may have to find your own way and make a wrong turn here or there. Scary perhaps, but character-building and growth-oriented.

Either road has risks. But you know what you get on the well-traveled road. Fewer risks, safe zone and high comfort level. The less-traveled road brings higher risk, but if you take that risk, you won’t have to settle for the ordinary.

Never choose the road just because it’s the road for your friend, your dad, your co-worker or even your pastor. Choose the road for you. Indeed, it will make all the difference.

“Look for chances to take the less-traveled roads. There are no wrong turns.”
― Susan Magsamen

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