Weekend Update: Marking Time on the Coronavirus Journey

As we approach yet another holiday (Labor Day) since embarking on our Coronavirus journey, here are a few weekend observations.

2020 would be funky with or without Coronavirus.

It’s election year stupid. In a play on Bill Clinton’s unofficial campaign slogan, 2020 was slated to be wacky regardless of the other events. Coronavirus, quarantine, riots, protests, shutdowns and cancellations are the order of the day, but they all fit neatly under Election Year 2020.

In a January 2020 survey, the top subjects for the 2020 election were about healthcare, national security, guns, education, the economy and immigration. For now, at least, those have taken a back seat (or at least a complementary side seat) to the USPS, nationwide mask mandate, riots, defunding, opening up (or not) and how many $$$ Congress can throw at Americans.

Don’t worry, though, the conversation will change next week. And, then again the next. Got to keep the news cycle fed, you know.

Life without sports isn’t so bad, but …

We haven’t hit the football season just yet. Major League Baseball, NBA, NASCAR, NHL and others have figured out a way to at least put together a portion of their seasons (without fans thus far), but the granddaddy of ’em all is struggling.

Several major college conferences have canceled fall sports — including football — and, the NFL has canceled preseason and pushed back the start of its season. Withdrawals have been limited thus far, but if the Saints, Cowboys, Broncos and Patriots aren’t on the field this fall, phone calls to therapists will skyrocket and replace the calls to bookies.

Would you go back to the January normal?

Remember back in January? Would you trade your now for then? Yes, a little hard to remember what it was like “back then”, but at least those days didn’t have as much direct impact on our lives as now. Politicians and the media could argue amongst themselves then, but now they’ve drug us all into the ridiculousness. “Back then”, unemployment was great, people were working and life was, well, normal. Yes, there was Iran and China because there will always be an Iran and a China.

But January 2020 was one or two jobs ago, a three-month vacation ago, a financial debacle ago and 3-4 national controversies ago. Wouldn’t you rather be discussing impeachment and Russia rather than mask mandates, church restrictions, school/no school and how long to wash your hands?

Some things haven’t changed though.

  • The media is still the media. Don’t they realize their trust-level is well below that of even Congress or the President?
  • We know what people are against. Would be nice to know what they’re for.
  • Gas prices are holding steady. That’s odd, I always thought this an on-demand commodity. My truck is getting three weeks to the gallon now, so I’m not in demand.
  • God is still God, people are still people, and spring became summer, and it will be fall soon.
  • Restaurants and grocery stores are delivering their goods more now than ever, but banks still don’t deliver, right?
  • Still got forest fires, hurricanes, tornados, bills, toenail clippings, recycling cans, the international space station and CNN, MSNBC and Fox.

Other notes.

  • Election Day is just over two months away. Will things suddenly get back to normal then or will the craziness just get crazier?
  • Yes, that means Christmas is a mere four months away. Have you started your shopping yet? Are the decorations out at Hobby Lobby yet?
  • Wonder what type of Corona costumes we’ll see for Halloween?
  • Watch for this: The NFL season starts on September 10.
  • Colder weather is coming. That’s good for some, not so good for others.

Stay tuned. Funky will continue, sports — or some semblance of it — will return, you’ll still have to clip your toenails in six months and 2021 is coming…soon.

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