Monday Kickstarter: Set yourself up for a great week

For some reasons, Mondays are always a challenge. It’s just hard to get started. But look at it this way: You have 52 Mondays a year, and every one of those allows you to start over.

Don’t let Monday kick you in the seat of the pants and drag you down. Instead, kickstart your week with a fresh, new approach. Pick out a couple of our suggestions here to help turn Monday from dread and fear to confidence and amazement.

  1. Finish something — something from last week, something from last month, something from last year. Just knock it out! It’ll take a load off and build momentum.
  2. Start fresh. Forget last week, it’s over. Clear your mind and look ahead.
  3. Set goals. When Friday afternoon comes around, what do you want to have completed?
  4. Start a morning routine. Read, write, quiet time, coffee. Whatever it is, do it at the same time.
  5. Move. No, not to another state, but walk, exercise, ride a bike every day. Every day. It revitalizes, gives you energy and clears your mind.
  6. At the end of every day — make it the last thing you do — plan your next day. Lay it out, write it out and stick to it. You’ll be ahead of the game before your feet hit the floor tomorrow.
  7. Change something: Your morning coffee, what you have for breakfast/lunch, your route to work or the store. Break up the monotony. If it ain’t broke, break it!
  8. Take something off your schedule. It will lighten your load, give yourself a breather and give you more time for the essential things.
  9. Tackle the elephant in the room first. It’s been there every day for a long time. What is it you just hate doing? You can’t make yourself do? Quit dodging it and walking around it. Just get it done. First, then you can move on.
  10. Leave time for thinking. Critical thinking. Reflective thinking. Make sure you’re forward-looking. This isn’t a time to drag yourself down with the past.
  11. Do something for someone: Send a card, call, text, buy lunch, encourage them, listen.
  12. Get outside your comfort zone. You’ll have the opportunity, believe me, so take the plunge.
  13. Your mind will remember the bad things, so start a Grateful Log and write down the blessings and the good things that happen during your day. Review them before you quit for the day.
  14. Make an appointment with yourself. Yes, schedule some quality time for just you.
  15. Get to be early. CEOs and business leaders get at least seven hours a night. Go to bed an hour earlier if you need to.
  16. Make time for God. Schedule it and shut out the world. Read your Bible and listen to what He tells you. Just 15 minutes will change your day and your week.

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