WEEKEND UPDATE: The Times Demand Our Best

The current coronavirus situation has caused many of us to change perspectives, alter our direction and even change professions. Though we couldn’t have foreseen the eventual chaos that it would bring, many experts and leaders clearly recognized we were at a crossroads. We weren’t going back.

I wrote about those crossroads on April 5 and encouraged you to not waste the experience on May 2. We also interviewed leading pastors (John Bosman) on March 27 and (Dennis Watson) on April 1. There was a sense we were at the crossroads, and life was changing. Was it the end of the world? Not literally, but perhaps as we know it.

Ultimately, we’re all taking this journey together. Some days it feels like a roller coaster, others it’s like traversing through a dark cave. But let’s not proceed with horse blinders — take note of the scenery along the way. Much has changed and is changing. You may be surviving or even thriving, but there are more opportunities today to be a good samaritan. That person on the side of the road or holed up in their home may be the person you were seeing in church or working next to just a few months ago. They aren’t thriving, much less surviving. Reach out!

That’s our passion. We’re certainly not perfect, and we’ve been tripped up here and there just like you, but we’re working on being intentional, purposeful and responsive in helping others. Whether it’s a note, a card, a blog article, a phone call, text or ZOOM session, we’re reaching out.

You may be on the service road rather than the interstate right now, or you may have taken a detour altogether. While it may have caused you to reflect or adapt, it shouldn’t change who you are entirely. And that’s where we are.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve thrived when helping people. In fact, Elizabeth has a penchant for recognizing when people need a little push, tug, encouragement or inspiration. As I shared in The End: It’s Only the Beginning on July 23, we’ve continued to press on, only changing the vehicle in how we help people.

So, here’s what we do. Hopefully, it can be an encouragement to you to not be complacent, to go after your dreams and to listen and hear God’s voice. Frankly, we need you.

As a Master Financial Coach and now a Ramsey Preferred Coach, it’s my privilege to help people manage their finances. Elizabeth is a Beach Body Coach with a background in staying fit and eating healthy.

As an RPC, we help them:

  • Stop the money fights and stressing over finances.
  • Put together a personalized get-out-of-debt plan.
  • Establish a budget and stick to it (yes, I know, BUDGET: that UGLY word!).
  • Prepare for retirement with dignity.
  • Plan for college or get rid of those pesky student loans.
  • Teach kids about money and finances.
  • Understand the importance of working together (as a couple).
  • Recognize the insignificance (yes, INsignificance) of a credit score.

We also regularly encourage people in the five significant areas of life: Finances, relationships, health, attitude and faith. Here’s a promo for you: Elizabeth is now regularly sending encouraging messages and photos (of scenery and animals here in Colorado) to people across the country. She’s taking names too, so if you have a friend or family member who would benefit from a kind, encouraging, uplifting card or note, EMAIL US THE NAME AND ADDRESS. Include their email, and they’ll get our blog entries as well. Simple as that.

Friends, life is tough. We live in an uncertain and demanding era. But they shouldn’t stop us and can’t derail us. The times demand our best!

Here’s our request:

  • Join us on the journey!
  • Pray for us, we want to help people where they are.
  • Help keep us accountable and encouraged—call, text, IM, email from time to time. We’d love to hear from you.
  • Send Elizabeth those names, mailing addresses and email addresses, especially if you know someone hurting or in a particularly tough place. It’ll take you five minutes, so do it right now, please.
  • If you know people struggling with their finances, have them schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. Be confident we will take good care of them.

Finally, one final request. As you read our blog entries, would you add your comments? You may agree or disagree or a particular blog post be beneficial to you. Either way, we’d like to know. LEAVE YOUR COMMENT and start a conversation. Your added thoughts and comments may be a blessing to someone else who reads. This isn’t Facebook, it’s a safe zone! Moreover, you can share these posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even LinkedIn. Look for the “Rate This” button and the Share This buttons just below each post.


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