Yes, the world has changed. Get used to it, we aren’t going back to what we called normal just earlier this year (if you could call that normal).

But some things haven’t changed at all, we just see them now — perhaps more clearly or possibly for the first time. It’s all about perspective. You can choose to see the good and live in peace, or you can get bogged down with the clamoring noises of the ongoing confusion.

Yes, it’s a retraining process because our minds most often want to cozy up to the crisis, the sensational news, the negative and the what if. The choices have never been more stark, but choosing good and peace has never been easier. The paths are more clear today than ever before.

Now that the pace has slowed somewhat, it gives you a chance to carpe diem and smell the roses.

There are still good things in the world:

  • Beautiful is more beautiful. The flowers, sunsets and the mountains and oceans are more majestic.
  • The Bible has never been more true. Even for warm Christians or Christians in name only, scripture has never been more alive. Some people have found it for the first time.
  • Connecting with old friends. Funny what a slow-down process will do for you. How many people from your past have you reconnected with in the past several months? Refreshing, isn’t it? (Well, most of the time!)
  • You notice good things about yourself. Perhaps you want to help someone, or you’ve learned that some things aren’t as important as you’d thought just a few months ago.
  • Quiet can be good. Noise doesn’t have to rule the day.
  • Those birds and squirrels that enjoy hopping around your trees and yard. Yeah, they’ve always been there. You’ve just noticed them more recently. Hint: They don’t have a clue there’s confusion and chaos, they’re just having fun. You should try it.
  • Have you rediscovered the beauty of reading or even writing?

Some things have been there all along as I mentioned. Just this weekend, we were driving home, and I noticed a big yard in our neighborhood, just a block from where we live. There were probably 20 young spruce trees in the front yard. Elizabeth says they’ve been there since we moved here, but I’d never noticed that many. I’d seen a spruce tree in the yard, sure, just not observed that many and their alignment. Cool thing.

In our home, there are movie nights and there are other nights we just sit in the dark and talk (weird, huh?). We go for walks almost daily now. We see lots of dogs.

The point? Despite the nastiness and ridiculousness around us, there are still some good things in the world today. Celebrate the good stuff. Celebrate the little things. Take a moment and enjoy nature, the sounds and the scenes. And have a bowl of ice cream!

It’s a great way to kickstart your week!

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