Precarious Times: 5 AREAS to CHECK

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. ~Wayne W. Dyer.

We live in precarious times.

Life has changed several times in 2020 already, and it will likely change again. Are you prepared? Since you may be on overload and have forgotten the events of 2020, here are a few things that have happened in the first 5 1/2 months of this year…that you may have overlooked or forgotten.

  • Remember the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash? That happened in January.
  • The impeachment trial? That finished in February.
  • Then, in March, we learned the names Fauci, Adams and Birx.
  • The Olympics were postponed until 2021.
  • The U.S. killed an Iraqi leader in Iran and Iraq retaliated with a missile strike. That was early January.
  • Tiger King is old news now.
  • Remember Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg and Pete Buttigieg? They were the leaders for the Democratic presidential sweepstakes until early March.
  • The UK officially — and finally — withdrew from the EU.
  • Coronavirus, Wuhan, travel restrictions, masks, no masks, quarantines, highest unemployment since the Great Depression.
  • And there were names we should never have seen on the news: Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks.

Many have joked that they’re done with 2020 and need to move on to 2021. Skip the holidays, forget the celebrations. Just move on and start over.

But we live in an era when time is standing still. This moment calls for action and requires a monumental paradigm shift. The times demand your attention.

But here is the truth: You must take care of yourself before you can help others. Amid chaos and confusion, don’t forget yourself. Address your own situation and heart before you reach out to the world. Right now, the world is wound up tighter than a rubber band, and you need to be at your best. We’ll address some of these issues in the coming days and weeks, but first things first.

In no particular order, here are several areas you must become dependent and break loose from the co-dependent cycles that are the training of the world.

  • FINANCES. Give and save. Yes, it’s possible! Regardless of the amount of your paycheck, you can put aside something every week, every month. Soon, it will snowball, and you will have that six-month rainy day fund Dave Ramsey recommends. You can join me for an upcoming Financial Peace University class. Click HERE to find out more.
  • HEALTH. This one’s a biggie. Of course, some people have health conditions that are not of their own making. There are hereditary circumstances, things handed down or come as a result of environment or job situation. But one of the principal targets of the coronavirus is people with underlying conditions, many of which can be addressed. Begin to solve and watch it change your life physically, as well as mentally and emotionally.
  • RELATIONSHIPS. Remember, it’s not about you. Relationships have never been more critical than right now. In a day that people are unfriending each other on Facebook and in real life, be the voice of reason. Don’t burn bridges you may need or want to cross later. Be strong, be vigilant, listen more, understand further and abide in love.
  • CHURCH AND FAITH. Where do you stand with your faith? The Bible emphatically commands we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, but you don’t need a pastor or priest to fellowship with God. Because the government advocates social distancing and limits our in-person participation for now, it hasn’t outlawed your relationship with God. This is a perfect time for a check-up on your faith and relationship with God.
  • ATTITUDE. Your attitude is absolutely your choice, 100%. The way you look at God and life, in general, will be a direct reflection of your approach to every facet of your life. Don’t trust your attitude to anyone else. Be a master over your attitude, and you will master the other areas of your life.

Remember, we live in precarious times. The times demand your attention. Listen, understand, abide.


  1. Really like the wisdom her Chip. Get yourself spiritually ready, then, you will receive the clarity & wisdom from the Lord that will help you to address these troubling and complicated issues.




  2. Really like the wisdom her Chip. Get yourself spiritually ready, then, you will receive the clarity & wisdom from the Lord that will help you to address these troubling and complicated issues.




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