QUARANTINE: 23 things we’ve learned

The coronavirus quarantine has lasted only a month to this point, but it’s already left us many memories, reminders and, yes, even scars.

We’ll be learning lessons for years, but don’t fret, and don’t let people tell you you’re doing the quarantine all wrong. After all, it’s your first pandemic!

We aren’t through the adventure yet, but here are some things we’ve learned.

  1. The people we’ve called heroes for years (actors, athletes, politicians) aren’t really heroes at all. We’ve found new heroes for the future.
  2. Common sense is not nearly as common as we thought.
  3. Your health is essential. Time to fix what you can and manage the rest.
  4. You can do things you never realized you could do before.
  5. Churches, restaurants and retail can be very resourceful!
  6. Germophobes are getting their day in the sun. We should have listened to them long ago.
  7. Who knew people would actually fight over toilet paper?
  8. Facebook is a virtual bonfire of wild imaginations, innuendos, conspiracy, and uncivil discourse. But we knew that already, right?
  9. The media circus isn’t worth watching anymore. Can you believe anything they say?
  10. Wilson from Home Improvement may have had the right idea about masks all along.

11. Suddenly, everyone is an expert! There must be only a few of us left who don’t know everything!
12. While we have learned much about each other, it seems our politicians have learned little, if anything. They’re still selfish demagogues. For the most part.
13. There are still a few good politicians left. A handful.
14. Now part of our lives: Elbow bumps, facemasks, gloves, hand sanitizer, virtual hugs and no-contact delivery.
15. We touch our nose and face more than a third-base coach giving a hit and run sign.

16. It pays to have a six-month stash of cash on hand. Just like Dave Ramsey said.
17. Underlying conditions have taken on an entirely different meaning with far-reaching ramifications.
18. Three weeks to the gallon is excellent for your budget!
19. Simple things can be the best things.
20. Hello to Zoom, DoorDash, grocery store delivery and tracking apps. They’re here to stay.
21. Oh, and be sure to wear pants when you Zoom!
22. Haircuts can be overrated.
23. If not for COVID-19, no one would care about Tiger King, Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin.

Congrats! You're on the list.

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