Weekend questions that should stop and make you think

For a couple of years now, I’ve been writing on these pages. I’ve provided quotes, thoughts, research, encouragement, interviews, questions and other things to help kindle or rekindle your heart or dreams.

So, I’m curious, where are you in these reflective days? What are you thinking in this sequestered era of quarantine? Have you moved forward, followed a dream or two, picked up a new hobby, changed something key in your life?

Don’t worry, I’m asking myself the same questions here, so you aren’t alone. Why the checkup? Because — no matter where you are on the journey — it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, settle for the status quo and live “under the circumstances”.

And, you know what they say about a rut: It’s just a grave with both ends kicked out. As Reagan said, the status quo is “Latin for the mess we’re in”. And you should be wondering why you are living under the circumstances anyway.

So, with those thoughts in mind, here are some questions that should help you identify key areas you can step up your game. Frankly, if you’re ready to move out of the status quo and climb out of the rut, these questions should bring you pause.

If money, time, resources, people, circumstances were not an issue, what would you do? What dream would you pursue or what project would you start? Right now, today!

This is one of those questions you can’t get around, but so many people just leave unanswered. Don’t come back with a “yeah, but…” or “well, I don’t have this or that…” The idea is it to identify that one thing that is your dream, your goal, the one thing you’d do if there were absolutely no obstacles. What is it? Period. We can talk about the how-to later.

Are you tired — seriously tired? — of going around the same mountain time and time again?

Then, change something! You know by now the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and hoping for different results. What mountain are you going around and around: Finances, relationships, health, work, attitude? Something else? What can you change today that will change your perspective or dramatically alter your path?

And, one more question: If you aren’t going to change anything, why not? Remember, you can’t complain about what you allow! Think about it!

What is the one single thing you should do this week that you’ve been putting off for weeks or months?

Most of us have those things we just put out of sight, out of mind. Sorta like the clothes in the back of the closet that we are certain we’ll be able to wear in six months, they just sit there. Take one thing at the bottom of the list and move it to the tip-top of the list. And, then do it! No hesitation. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be done!

How many books have you read this year? What are you reading now?

You know that leaders are readers, and I’m not talking about political opinions, Facebook or something on the Internet. If you aren’t reading, it’s time to pick up a good book. Mark Twain said: “The man who does not read good books is no better than the man who can’t.”

Are you reading your Bible?

Ah, now he’s done stopped preaching and gone to meddling. This is your source of inspiration for the day. Too many people like to pick a verse (or half a verse) and use it to support an argument or point a finger, but the real reason to read the Bible is to inspire you, edify you, encourage you!

Don’t have a Bible? No problem, email us and we’ll make sure you get one!

If 100 people in your age group were selected randomly, how many of them would be leading a more fulfilled life than you?

Hmm, wow, this is a good one that should make you think. Do you fall in the middle of the list? At the bottom? This is really not a comparison question, but it’s more designed to help you evaluate and understand whether you’re in that rut or settling for the status quo in your life.

What keeps you from being fulfilled? Understand this: Fulfilled doesn’t mean happy or content, because those things are often relative to the world around you. Fulfilled, however, has to do with your character and your abilities.

It comes down to another question: Are you living or just existing? Think about it!

Whatever your answers, the next step is implementation. It’s one thing to know the right answers, it’s completely another to put them into action. If we can help, please email us!

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