Chip and Elizabeth: Our finances, our story

Finances can be a huge burden, especially if there is more going out than coming in. But it’s important not to be dependent on the world for your state of mind and peace of mind.

So many times our family has seen God step in at the right time. It may not be immediate, but it comes at the opportune time. What we do with our money and finances is absolutely a trigger to the blessings and favor in our lives.

Elizabeth left her job in February, not because she wanted to, but because she felt she was supposed to leave it. She quit, gave up the income, her work friends, and suddenly, God showed us why. The very next day.

Like many of you, we’ve paid for meals when we knew people couldn’t eat otherwise. But we’ve also sent care packages when we had no idea the blessing it would be to an individual.

My son Jason completed his Master’s Degree this week, but with school costs and other things, it’s been tight. As he put it a couple of months back: “I hit a little snag financially”. He is always faithful in his giving — often asking on Facebook for those who need help to IM him — and manages his finances well. But this time, it was piling up: He needed new tires, his starter was “acting up” and his car also needed a new headlight. Not to mention tax season was approaching and he was having to pay taxes this year.

Long story short, he had been counseling someone for nearly a year, without being paid because the insurance was haggling over the payment. Then, suddenly one day, when all the need was there, the payment came in. For all 32 sessions! At one time. In one payment!

The answer may not be evident today, but it doesn’t change the principle. The principles work, one way or the other. And, again, they are not a respecter of persons. They work for Jason, they work for us, they work for you!

Just remember, you may need to undo some bad habits before you can reap the good harvest.

If you want to be financially free, you need to become a different person than you are today and let go of whatever has held you back in the past.

Robert Kiyosaki.

We aren’t special, but yes, we tithe, we give, we pay our bills and we have mentors.

While we don’t necessarily have one particular mentor, we read a lot. A LOT! Whether it’s Mark Batterson, Og Mandino, John Maxwell, Napoleon Hill, John Mason or another author, we meticulously underline and highlight and go back to review those principles. NOTE: We read more than we watch TV!

To be sure, we are not financial experts. But we have adopted principles over the years that have helped us stay in the black and be a blessing to others.

If you would like to get our reading list or have questions about principles that work for us, email us.

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