Monday kickstarter: Find someone to help today

It’s your Monday Kickstarter, a thought to think about as you begin a new week, a fresh slate, a new canvas for your latest artwork creation.

Your life is not about you. It’s not about getting to the next level, becoming the best you can be or building a nest egg for retirement. Indeed, those are by-products of your life that require definite purpose and a distinct road map. But they are not your driving force.

No, your life is about everyone around you. It’s about your neighbor, your co-worker, your family, your friends, the people you go to church or the baseball game with. It’s not about you, it’s all about them.

Today, in this “me”, it’s not my fault, find-someone-to-blame, get-ahead societal era, do something different. It may stop people in their tracks. It will redirect your emotions and it could impact your own life.

Find someone you can help today. It may be a simple thing, like a word of encouragement, or taking the time to listen or it may require you to give something of value. Whatever it is, ask God to bring someone across your path today whom you can offer help.

Then, when that person shows up — and they will — be prepared with the time, patience, understanding and willingness to make a difference.

You may be surprised at the outcome. Moreover, you will be surprised at the impact it has on you!  First, you’ll realize that your problems aren’t as big as you may have supposed. Secondly, you’ll look for others to help and realize there are myriads of people standing all around you that you can help.

There’s an old proverb that says this: I complained that I had no shoes until I looked at the man next to me who had no feet.

Give your life and watch your life change.

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