Come alive! Go. Do. It.

“Most of us die at 30 and are buried at 80.”

I read this the other day and couldn’t help but think about how society slowly kills who we are by painting a portrait of who we should be.

“You should be this thin.”
“You should own these shoes.”
“You should be in this social circle.”
“You should go to this school.”
“You should study this.”
“You should be married by now.”
“You should…you should…you SHOULD!”

But what about what you WANT?

When is the last time someone asked you, “What do you WANT?”

Better yet, when is the last time YOU asked you, “What do I WANT?”

More than likely, exploring that question will lead to answers that society has programmed in us.

“Well, I want to do this, because it’s what I SHOULD be doing.”


What do YOU want?

One of my favorite quotes is:

“Don’t ask what the world NEEDS. Ask what makes you COME ALIVE, and GO DO IT. Because what the world NEEDS is people who have COME ALIVE.” -Howard Thurman

What makes YOU come alive?


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