Make today your Masterpiece: It’s all about perspective

“…make each day your Masterpiece…” ~John Wooden

Ever get to the end of your day and wonder what the heck happened? It didn’t end like it started? Or it didn’t end like you intended? Or like you thought it would?

Or quite possibly, you had one of those “good tired” days. Long and challenging, but satisfying, rewarding and full of accomplishment.

Most days are going to seem mundane, simply because there are humdrum, routine things we must do (e.g. go to work, clean the house, get the kids to school or practice etc). After all, most of us don’t get to walk on a basketball court like John Wooden and coach the most talented players in the game.

His unparalled success and clever-yet-simple motivation ability far eclipses the basketball court and expanded even after his final national championship in 1975. Download his Pyramid of Success and review his 12 Principles of Leadership. Keep them close by.

He knew the art of painting a picture in words and understood the importance of turning adversity into victory and seeking change in your life. It’s all part of creating your Masterpiece.

How’s your Masterpiece coming today?

Joel Malm of Summit Leaders says:

Here are three things you can do today that can change your perspective and help you paint that Masterpiece.

  1. Do something you’ve never done before. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or earth-shattering. Maybe it’s something as simple watching a game show on TV or rolling down a hill or eating cotton candy. Maybe your “never done before” includes milking a cow or volunteering at a local shelter or finding the Little Dipper in the sky. Just do it!
  2. Take a different way to work or to school. If you take the same route every day, you see the same things every day (or you don’t see/notice them). Find a different route, even if it takes a little longer. You’ll see things you haven’t seen before and it will add a different perspective for your day. Trust me, this can not only be meaningful, but it can also bring a fresh, new outlook on life.
  3. Do something for someone and expect nothing in return. One of the easiest things to do today is to pay for someone’s lunch or coffee, and you can do that without them evening knowing. I try to do this at least once a week. Sometimes, I get to see their face when the cashier tells them their lunch has already been paid for. It can change your day. If you’re going through Starbucks or a fast food line, pay for the person behind you. Send a care package or note to someone, even if they don’t need it. In other words, pay it forward.

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