Rant: The America we live in…

So, this is the #America we live in: We are required to purchase low-grade #healthinsurance that offers substandard benefits in order to avoid a tax penalty mandated by #Congressmen who are exempt from paying taxes and receive free healthcare. So, our healthcare costs increase to finance those who don’t have to pay for healthcare or those who don’t make enough money to pay for healthcare.

I’m all for helping people, but when my premium increases 100% because my insurance plan is no longer offered and I am forced to purchase a cheaper plan I will never use just to be able to EAT and put gas in my car, something is incredibly wrong. When the DISCOUNT for having insurance brings a contact lens exam DOWN to $160, something isn’t working right. Maybe I should pay the extra $100/mo. to get a plan that offers vision. That way I add $1200/yr, get decent coverage, and still have to pay a copay or deductible. And while we’re increasing health insurance premiums, let’s go ahead and release a statewide mandate to hike up car insurance rates 15%-30% #statefarm.

Oh, and let’s make sure everyone pays their share in #taxes to fund the returns of those who don’t make enough money to pay taxes. Can’t forget to increase taxes so the people can pay off the #nationaldebt. After all, it’s the people’s country (until they want to see legislative changes). We should probably make sure the #Fed increases rates, too. Anything we can do to squeeze a few more pennies out of hardworking Americans. And let’s make it impossible to get a good job without having a #collegedegree. We’ll just tell them that knowledge is not valid without a certificate. And to make it more lucrative, we’ll charge interest on #studentloans. Don’t drop out, because we won’t hire you and you’ll still have to pay us. It’s a win-lose. We all get paid while young professionals spend years searching for a job that will help them pay off student loans, required healthcare premiums, increases in taxes, and rising car insurance costs.

But to find a job with that kind of salary, most people would have to inherit a government job or corporate position. Or they can start a #business. But we can’t have that, because it could threaten established companies. So, we should make sure interest rates are high enough to make #smallbusinesses reconsider taking out a loan. And if they are successful and are able to repay the loan, we’ll just catch them during tax season and require an arm and a leg to cover taxes and health insurance mandates for small businesses.

It’s a SHAME that greed is so powerful.

It’s a SHAME, because hundreds of thousands of people will never experience the freedom our forefathers came here to establish.

It’s a SHAME that a disrespectful 13 year-old gets endorsed for her atrocious behavior, while hardworking people can’t find a job that would pay half of what she is making.

It’s a SHAME that illegal immigrants on government assistance get free healthcare, while the middle class is forced to pay a penalty because they can’t afford health insurance.

It’s a SHAME that marriage is actually viewed for its benefits in regard to tax breaks and secondary income.

It’s a SHAME. The system has officially become a disgrace, and it needs to change. 😞 #rantover

~~From Facebook. Jason Bailey

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